Fundraising for Youth Sports Teams in Phoenix AZ

In 2008 Coach Mark Carpenter came across a great fundraising concept while at an out-of-state basketball tourney. Local merchants were giving away FREE and discounted coupons to those who supported the local team.

Bringing that concept to his own Arizona based team and parents, Carpenter created a Fundraising Gift Card in 2009 featuring about two dozen merchants that gave away services to those who donated to his basketball team.

The wild success of that “coupon” Gift Card led to the start of 24/7 Sports Fundraising, a company created to help other coaches and teams raise money for their sports program. Shortly thereafter, Carpenter began helping local charities, schools, churches and other non-profit groups thus creating Arizona Charities Foundation as his “non-sports” based fundraising company.

Combined, the two companies have helped over 100 Phoenix area charities, churches, teams and other non-profit organizations raise money to fund their various causes.  We can run an entire fundraising campaign on your behalf without any cost or manpower from your group whatsoever, or, we can work in cooperation with your staff in managing a profitable event or campaign.  We also can possibly fund your own 501-c(3) special event if you are a registered Arizona non-profit!

We are here to serve you and your group in an effort to make a difference in the lives of those in need and to assist those who help others in the pursuit of happiness and good health. 

Thanks to all who have participated in the past and welcome to those who are about to become a part of our growing fundraising family.