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Arizona Charities Foundation and 24/7 Sports Fundraising have raised funds for over 100 non-profit charities, teams and organizations in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Learn how we can help your organization raise money for a charitable or youth-based cause.

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Whether it’s kids, pets or adults, Arizona Charities Foundation loves to help all those in need in our wonderful Phoenix area communities. We are willing to expand to other areas that might need assistance as well!

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Since 2009

Through our S.A.F.E. Gift Cards, Golf Events, Charity Dinners, Donation Tables, Sporting Events and Festivals….Arizona Charities Foundation has been helping non-profit charities, schools, churches, youth sports teams and other groups raise much needed funding since 2009.
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Arizona Charities Foundation contributes thousands of dollars each year to Arizona based non-profits.  Thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to donate at one or more of our fundraising events!

Non-Profit Charities

ACF can raise money for your 501(c) 3 Arizona non-profit through a variety of Fundraising campaigns utilizing our own Staff and Volunteer base.


Our easy to sell Gift Cards raise an average of $50 per student over a weekend. No cost up front to your school – no products to order.


Your congregation or members can raise an average of $1,000 per every 50 followers. A church of 1,000 members can raise $20,000 over a weekend!

Youth Sport Teams

We started out raising money for youth sports teams as coaches and parents. You can now do the same for your team or league. Average 15 player team can raise $750 in a four hour weekend.


Learn how we can help your organization raise money for a charitable or youth-based cause.

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